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Cutting Boards

Each one unique and crafted with an attention to detail. Available in a variety of different sizes and wood options.


Candle Pillars

Honeycomb pillar sets for tea light displays, pleasant angles to catch shadows and cast light.

Figured Walnut LP Flip Rack by Stultz Woodwork.

LP Flip Racks

Attractive cover forward display and storage for your most recent or favored spins. Easy and inviting flipping through the stack.


Box Shelf

A simple but functional shelf with attached dovetail box compartment. An elegant design that's sure to draw attention in whatever room it inhabits.

Floating Chessboards by Stultz Woodwork.


Solid hardwood chessboards of various styles, designed and built by an appreciator of the game.


Quinary Clock

A subtle tweak of the clock we live on utilizing a visual representation of the quinary, or base-5 numeral system.