Often I'm asked when, how, or why my interest in woodworking began. The truth is, it's been a winding path, with many steps along the way. I've been professionally making furniture since 2013, but my interest in the craft began years earlier.


Hello, I'm Jeff Stultz.

My background is in graphic design and music, and while my design work has always orbited music, both of these passions actually led me to the audio engineering field for several years. In 2004 I was working as the Arts and Technology Director for a music promotion company in Brooklyn and I began fulfilling more and more audio engineering duties at our live events. Fast forward a few years and I had become a front of house engineer at several music venues around Brooklyn and NYC, toured with performing acts, and recorded many albums for my own bands and others.

I enjoyed working in the audio field, but around 2010 in an effort to satisfy a curiosity towards working with my hands I began taking carpentry projects and odd jobs at recording studios and clubs I had formed relationships with. For a while I had also been designing and building things for myself, often salvaging curbside wood to cut and sand on my roommate's balcony in the New York winter. (To my neighbors below, I'm still sorry about the residual sawdust.) 

Eventually I enrolled in some woodworking classes at a community shop, learned some proper foundational skills and made a few pieces I was proud of. It was around this time that I became determined to pursue the path.

I relocated to California in 2013 and embarked on a full time apprenticeship with Ken Periat at Made in Pescadero, and I've been a furniture maker ever since. I was fortunate to hone my craft in a small production setting while making a variety of pieces, and have built most of the hallmark furnishings and custom orders for the shop.

In 2018 I relocated to Ojai, CA and have begun crafting a line of custom furniture as Stultz Woodwork out of shop in nearby Ventura, CA. I'm eager to share my new designs as I compose them to completion.

My selected audio engineering credits can be found here.

My recorded music can be found as Pawl Jefferson and Limbs.